About Us

Find Out How You Can Get Life Back On Track

Debt Free India is an organization committed towards emancipating people from the clutches of debt and financial bondage. Data, statistics and our clients’ experiences tell us how consumerism has taken over the financial sensibilities of individuals and families. It is said that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’, however, we have found that people have begun defining ‘necessity’ as what they want rather than what they need, making debt inevitable. If any of our readers have watched the movie ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ they would know what we mean! Alternatively, a character called ‘Lily’ from the acclaimed American TV show How I Met Your Mother is an apt example too!

Despite all the information that we gather from you, for us your privacy is of utmost importance. We know that financial information is highly sensitive and more importantly personal, and nobody likes to share their financial experiences with the world especially if the related stories are of the unsuccessful kind.

We also understand that when debts pile up, planning monthly expenditure can seem like an uphill task especially when compared to your monthly income which at that point seems more meager than ever. Moreover, debt reminders are like clockwork and debt collectors never let up. We at Debt Free India not only advise you on how to get out of debt rather comfortably but also support you by customizing our tools according to your wants and needs. Our mission is to empower people with information and strategies that not only help them make sensible purchases but also enable them to manage their finances effectively from here on.

Keeping this mission in mind, we would recommend that debt consolidation is the first step for everyone towards financial freedom. However, considering the various forms of debts that you or I could be quarry of, we prefer personalizing our tools and techniques in such a way that the whole process requires minimum expenditure of time, effort and other resources from your end. We encourage you to partner with us and together answer those questions, which have had implications on your financial health so far.