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  • Bounced/returned cheques?
  •  Not sure how to get your finances back on track?
  • Pending legal actions?
  • Low credit score
  • No one to turn to for help?

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It makes managing your personal finances like a cakewalk. Be the master of your money so you can get more out of life.

Debt Advice and Solutions

DebtFreeIndia have helped thousands of customers in Europe and India, that’s why we’ll only ever suggest a debt management solution that we know, is right for you..

Debt Management Plan

One of the solutions that DebtFreeIndia is offering is a payment plan that will let you pay off all your unsecured debts in one affordable rate. This is called a Debt Management Plan (DMP)


Our legal advisors know how stressful debt is. They understand that people get into debt for a number of reasons – these could be things like the loss of income or just the ever increasing cost of living. They know it’s often nothing to do with people being careless with their money.

Also we are here to assist you legally on any returned cheque issues that you might have. We never charge you any upfront fees for initial advice, so Fill in the form and one of our legal advisors will contact you.

We could help you manage any of these unsecured debts:-

  • Debt Collectors
  • Personal Loan
  • Education loan
  •  Credit Cards
  • Household bills & Utilities
  • Returned Cheques

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